About the PlotX Improvement Proposals category

Please raise PlotX Improvement Proposals for discussion under this category. The PIP process has been inspired from Ethereum Improvement Proposal process.

The PIPs once discussed here, can be raised as an on-chain governance proposal at govern.plotx.io. It is a best practice to first discuss the proposal, getting community feedback and then raise an on-chain proposal for voting.

Please follow this process for discussing PIPs:

  • Preamble - A short descriptive title and the author details.
  • Simple Summary - “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Provide a simplified and layman-accessible explanation of the PIP.
  • Abstract - a short (~200 word) description of the technical issue being addressed.
  • Motivation - The motivation is critical for PIPs that want to change PlotX. It should clearly explain why the existing specification is inadequate to address the problem that the PIP solves. PIP submissions without sufficient motivation may be rejected outright.
  • Specification - The technical specification should describe the syntax and semantics of any new feature.
  • Rationale - The rationale fleshes out the specification by describing what motivated the design and why particular design decisions were made. It should describe alternate designs that were considered and related work, e.g. how the feature is supported in other languages. The rationale may also provide evidence of consensus within the community, and should discuss important objections or concerns raised during discussion.
  • Copyright Waiver - All PIPs must be in the public domain and should include a copyright waiver.