PIP: Add USDT or another Stable Coin as a means of Payment

Add USDT or another Stable Coin as a means of payment for participating in predictions markets in the PlotX platform.

At the moment we have the option is using either ETH or PLOT to participate in the prediction markets. I propose that we add USDT, or another popular Stable Coin, so that people who would like to use the platform but don’t want to be exposed to the risk involved with holding somewhat volatile cryptocurrency can still use PlotX.

This is not something that I am personally concerned about, but I’m interested to hear whether or not the community thinks that this could be beneficial for platform growth?

Thanks for raising this. Technically, any ERC20 can be added as a means for buying prediction positions. At the moment, ETH & PLOT are supported. If there is community consensus, more methods can be added.

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