PIP: Burn/Redistribute fees collected in ETH

Burn/Redistribute fees collected in ETH

I propose that in order to add positive price pressure to PLOT and encourage people to use and hold PLOT, that a mechanism/smart contract is created that takes 100% of the fees that are collected in ETH and automatically buys PLOT on the open market. I then propose that a certain percentage of the PLOT, possibly 50%, that has been purchased is burned and/or redistributed to PLOT stakers.

This will further incentivize people to hold, stake and use PLOT on the PlotX platform.

This was raised by another community member earlier. There are legal challenges with burning tokens as it puts an artificial price pressure on the token. In the long run, the ETH has to be used to pay for different activities of the DAO for example the fee of Chainlink oracles, and other such areas.

I am also thinking of introducing relayers for running the markets - where the fee of a specific market goes to the relayer, this is to encourage relevant markets and pooled predictions. Still a rough idea, but more on this soon.

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