PlotX Community Feedback: Invitation for Exclusive Beta Testing

The recent mass-adoption that the Ethereum blockchain and the projects built on top of it witnessed has been gratifying, to say the least. We saw some pretty impressive numbers coming in from PlotX too:

  • Close to 2,000 markets were created on the PlotX Beta; with
  • More than 3.5k predictions placed; that
  • Distributed more than $50k worth rewards to the predictors.

However, this surge in popularity led to some unfavourable outcomes as well. Due to the ever-increasing demand, we saw ever-increasing gas costs too.

This means that for PlotX to scale its operations, L2 scaling is a must. However, going on L2 is much easier said than done. You need to do a lot of research, not only on the different L2 scaling solutions out there but also on how they might tie in with the features and services currently being utilized on the Dapp, which we did of course.

Furthermore, since we are constantly researching and experimenting to give the best to all our users, we also had a lot of other ideas already prepared that will fit in well with L2 scaling.

L2 scaling & a new way of logging into PlotX

The base Ethereum layer is great, but it suffers from low transaction throughput and high transaction times, and it is set to stay this way till at least till Ethereum 2.0 rolls out.

Layer 2 scaling will help the Dapp sidestep these scalability issues and bring down gas costs on the platform significantly. Moreover, we’re also looking into a new & improved, decentralized way of logging into PlotX that will work smoothly on L2 as well.

Another feature that we’re researching on gives users the ability to make gas-less transactions known as meta transactions. With Meta Transactions, one doesn’t need to worry about gas fees for their predictions. For any transaction on the platform, users just need to approve the transaction and that’s it, no gas fee charged from the user whatsoever, it’s on the house!

The next step

The overall aim with these updates is to provide the users with a more user-friendly and intuitive UI for a better prediction experience.

However, before we bring any of these features to the mainnet app, we would like to know what the community thinks about them and the best way to bring them to the mainnet. Hence, we would like to invite PLOT Heads to tell us with brutal honesty, what is it that we have done that they liked, what is it that they hated, and what can we do to make things better via a form or a voice interview. These users will also be amongst the exclusive group who’ll get to test the upcoming new version of PlotX before anyone else.

As a thank you for participating in these interviews, we will be distributing $50* to all the shortlisted users taking part in this exercise. We want to make the most of this exercise, so we will be seeking users who’ve just joined us, users who’ve stayed with us since the start, and everyone in the middle.

However, it should be noted that we only have 30 slots available that will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

So, hurry up and apply now:

*The $50 reward will either be in the form of an Amazon gift voucher or $50 worth of $bPLOT.